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brilliantorange's Journal

briliantorange; a comm for Victoria fans
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a Victoria fan community


Welcome to brilliantorange, a community dedicated to the villainess Victoria from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series


o1. Play nice. This is important. I know Victoria isn't the most well liked character, but this comm was created for those of us on LJ who like her for one reason or another, so don't bash others' work and no posting negative things about the character.
o2. Stay on topic. This means only posts pertaining to Victoria (James and Laurent are okay, too, seeing as the three of them are in the same coven; any and all pairings involving Victoria are awesome as well). Discussion, fanfiction, fanart, graphics, are all okay. Anything off-topic will be deleted.
o3. Posting. Please put the the topic of your post in the subject line. If it's fanfiction, put fanfic. Fanart, put fanart. Graphics, put graphics, etc.
o4. Fanfiction/Fanart/Graphics. You are allowed to post these here, but there are a few things to note about doing so.
We love to see fanfiction about Victoria, so when posting it, use this header and always use an LJ cut, even for drabbles.

Fanart means art - not graphics. If you drew it, painted it, photographed it, ect, it's art even digital. Plaigarism will not be tolerated. If you are accused of plaigrism and it's true, you will be banned without warning. Please use this header when posting fanart. Remember to always use an LJ cut when posting art as well. Fake cuts are okay.

Icons/banners/wallpapers/etc are allowed. If you only have one or two icons pertaining to Victoria, please don't use this comm to pimp your icons. You must have five (5) or more icons involving Victoria to post them here. Only three teasers are allowed.
o5. Tags Use them! They help keep the comm organized. All tags can be found here.
o6. Everything else. This comm is new so there are probably things not covered here you might be wondering about. Direct questions about anything here.
o7. Affilates. If you have a Twilight related comm and would like to affiliate with us, comment here


head mod;; morlockiness



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